14 best British ciders from the West Country and beyond

The team at Armagh Cider where delighted to find our Carsons Crisp Cider to be included in the ‘Independent’ review for the “Best British Ciders”.

“From Norfolk to Northern Ireland, these isles produce some of the world’s best apple-based beverages”

This is what they had to say: “Based in Northern Ireland, Armagh Ciders uses apples from its historic orchards for its drinks. Dark amber in colouring, Carsons Crisp is a very gentle, light, smooth cider that glides over the tongue. There is a sense of freshness – of biting into an apple – before the drink turns sleek and silky. It is almost like imbibing a touch of light. A good session cider, it is great with food as the flavours never overwhelm, and it is very cleansing on the palate. It’s also available in some M&S stores.”

Read their full review here https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/food-drink/beer-cider-perry/best-cider-uk-brands-scrumpy-apple-sparkling-british-a7805416.html

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