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Armagh Cider Company

"From blossom to bottle, to you"

Traditional Ciders

A refreshing dry cider with a tangy appley taste.

A refreshing full flavoured medium cider.

Doyles Flavoured Ciders

This one's a beauty - with a dash of berries, it's a fruity fusion.

Can't decide between Dry & Sweet? This one is a great de-cider!

The original and first. This one will quench your thirst!

Enjoy this one at your leisure. It's a sweet treasure.

Cider and Fruit Juices have kissed to give us this fruity twist.

Cider and honey are infused to make this buzzing booze.

Winter Warmers

Aromatic flavours of spices with traditional cider.

Serve me warm when your feeling cold.

Sparkling Apple Juice

Taste the Twist

Apple Cider Vinegar